Broadcast your events LIVE on the internet. Our technology-driven business provides a 10x better experience for customers who wish to broadcast their events all over the world. Web cast your Weddings, Ceremonies, and Parties worldwide through Citi TV.

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Funeral Live

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Funeral of Sosamma Punnoose (84) Ranni

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Chinnamma Mathew (98) Panavelil,Ranny

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JOY MARKOSE (63) Padinjaremuriyil,Chathanthara

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Can you expect all your close family members, your friends or colleagues to fly from around the world or even from Delhi or Chennai to attend your family member’s marriage or a birthday? No worries! They can very well be with your family on your event or function, watching you through our innovative technology and services. People anywhere on the globe shall be able to see, hear and enjoy the program at the same time when it is performed.